Terms You Need to Know


Insurance Required by the State of Florida


PIP-pays a percentage of your medical bills and lost wages, no matter who is at fault.

PD-pays for damage you cause to another’s property.


Optional Coverage

BI-pays for bodily injury damages you cause to another person. Not required but you need this coverage to protect yourself and your assets.

UM-pays for bodily injury damages in case you are injured by someone with no bodily injury coverage or limited coverage.

Comp/Collision-pays for damage to your car no matter who is at fault.


Other Terms

Affidavit - a written statement of facts confirmed by the oath of the party making it.

Alternative Dispute Resolution - settling a dispute without a full formal trial. Methods include mediation, conciliation, arbitration and settlement, among others.

Cause of Action - fact or facts that give someone the right to seek a remedy through the court.

Complaint or Petition - a lawsuit that is filed in court known as a complaint or petition. The person who brings the action is the plaintiff (you). The person against whom the action is brought is the defendant. The complaint or petition is a statement of facts alleging the names of the parties and alleging why the conduct of the defendant entitles the plaintiff to recover damages.

Damages - money payment that is recovered for an injury or loss caused by an unlawful act, omission or negligence of another.

Deposition - the testimony of a witness taken under oath but not in a courtroom.

Expert - a witness who may give an opinion in court based on the particular education, training and/or experience of that witness.

Hearing - a proceeding usually without a jury

Judgment - official decision of a court resolving the issues in a legal action.


Statute of Limitations - a set amount of time beginning with the date of the incident in which a person must bring a claim or be barred forever.