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Let Us List Your Home!

All Florida Realty Consultants is a full service real estate brokerage.  Jeffrey A. Nussbaum, Esquire has been a licensed real estate broker for over 16 years in South Florida and an attorney for over 25 years.  He spent many years as a real estate title agent doing title work through his law practice.  Jeff has extensive experience with sales contracts, negotiations and title companies.


This is the ultimate BOGO! (Buy One Get One) Choose this Broker and get a Lawyer for FREE!


Listing your home with an attorney/broker has many advantages over a simple realtor or broker.  For example:


Realtors and brokers cannot alter, modify or change anything on a real estate contract.  Jeffrey A. Nussbaum, Esquire can.


Realtors and brokers cannot give legal adviceJeffrey A. Nussbaum, Esquire can.


Realtors and brokers cannot prepare closing documents for the Seller.  Jeffrey A. Nussbaum, Esquire can and is included for FREE in the listing fee.  This can save you thousands of dollars in fees at closing PLUS no transaction, application or junk fees when you list your home with us!


Realtors and brokers cannot communicate with the title company about legal matters to close the transaction.  Jeffrey A. Nussbaum, Esquire can.


It's like having two professionals for the price of one customary realtor fee!  Enjoy the security of being represented and protected by a broker/attorney who can!




Selling your home can be a very complex and stressful process.  We will be with you from listing to closing to reduce some of the pressure.  We will help you with pricing and discuss a selling strategy based on your motivation to sell.  We can prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and explain how it relates to the value of your home. 


Our expertise and experience enables us to create a unique listing that highlight the best parts of your home.  We will add professional grade photographs to enhance the features.  A picture is truly worth a thousand words!!! 


Once you get an offer, we will 

+ Go over the sales contract page by page, discussing and explaining all options in detail and 

+ Offer advice/opinions and what we would do if it were our home.

+ Prepareand explain counter-offers,

+ Figure closing costs to see what you would "walk away with" or net proceeds and 

+ Handle subsequent negotiations with the Buyer's agent.


When both parties have agreed on all terms of the sale, there is an option and repair period.  This is usually when the buyer does the inspection.  We will discuss the options and results of the inspection with you and get back with the Buyer’s agent to advise of what repairs, if any, you are willing to accept. 


After the inspection period and the financing has been confirmed, we will prepare all of your closing documents, commonly referred to as the "Seller's Documents" at no additional charge!  We will review the closing statement to make sure everything is accurate.